Learn To Play Keyboard

Learn To Play Keyboard

'Learn To Play Keyboard' is a step by step instruction guide that takes you from an absolute beginner to an accomplished musician in 18 carefully constructed keyboard lessons.  It teaches you how to read any sheet music and play it instantly.


This is a real spiral bound, lie flat book that you can study at your instrument or read anywhere.  Not an ebook.

Learn how to add embellishments and improvisation that will amaze your listeners.
Learn to read any sheet music and play it instantly.
Learn the secret of how to play any chord even if you have never seen it before.
Find out how professional musicians add the correct harmonies to melody notes.
Master the secret of how to know every chord in any key signature.
Understand chord progressions and instinctively know what chord is coming next.
Master the skills professionals use to transpose music from one key to another.
Learn how to create super orchestrated arrangements from a single line of music.

You cannot fail to play keyboards well with this easy to understand course which has been selling well both on and off the internet for over 15 years in hardcopy, ebook and Amazon Kindle versions.  If you don't agree after trying it I offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

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$58.00 and receive download instructions for the 'ChordFinder' bonus which is a huge data base of every chord you would ever need to know. This is for those who wish to dig down deep to uncover the secrets of chord progressions and their meaning...FREE. is owned by and all PayPal transactions go through the account.

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